Press Release

Blackstone Private Credit Fund Breaks Escrow with Net Proceeds of $814 Million

12 January 2021

NEW YORK – Blackstone Private Credit Fund (“BCRED”) today announced that it broke escrow as of January 7, 2021 with approximately $814 million in net proceeds for its continuous public offering (the “Offering”). In connection with breaking escrow, BCRED issued and sold 32,560,141 shares of its common stock in the Offering. BCRED intends to continue selling shares in the Offering on a monthly basis.

About Blackstone Private Credit Fund
BCRED is a non-traded business development company focusing on current income generation and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation by targeting privately originated and privately negotiated U.S. senior secured floating rate loans to middle market companies and other private debt investments. The expertise and intellectual capital of Blackstone’s credit platform are at the core of BCRED’s ability to capitalize on opportunities across private credit.

Forward-Looking Statements
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